Cavendish Osteopaths London prides itself upon providing holistic and integrative Osteopathic healthcare. We understand that successful treatment & management is underpinned by the correct diagnosis.  For this reason, your initial consultation will begin with your Osteopath completing an in-depth review and analysis of your health.  This will include your presenting problem but will also include information about your medical history, lifestyle, previous injuries etc. 
The information we gather allows us to begin to determine the scope and format of your clinical examination.  It may also give us an indication as to whether more specialised forms of investigation are required.  Your Osteopath will discuss this in detail with you during your consultation.
On some occasions it may be necessary for you to partially disrobe.  We do supply clinical gowns but also advise that you bring shorts, vest tops or underwear that will allow you to feel comfortable.  The clinical examination will allow your Osteopath to conclude a diagnosis and formulate the treatment and management plan that is right for you.  Osteopathic healthcare is never prescriptive and each treatment plan is tailor made for your unique clinical presentation. Your Osteopath will discuss with you the diagnosis and treatment plan so that you are fully informed and made aware of treatment expectations and your recovery prognosis.
Please feel free to ask questions if there are any aspects of the consultation that you require further clarification upon. To book your initial consultation with one of our skilled Osteopaths click on the button below.
For more information about your consultation process, the guidelines set out by the General Osteopathic Council can be found HERE  
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