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Simon Taffler has over 30 years of broad clinical experience mainly in the UK and across the USA, with additional trauma experience in Israel, Paraguay and Sri Lanka. He integrates knowledge and experience in homeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition, bodywork and craniosacral therapy, into a practical and effective holistic healthcare framework.
He always recommends an individualised approach, addressing the spectrum of health problems - acute, chronic and epidemic – irrespective of age including, for example: skin disorders, digestion concerns,  hormone imbalance, brain and spine function, immune system function and energy levels, post-trauma matters, healthy ageing, children’s health and wellbeing, specialising in Autism and CEASE protocols.
Simon is adept at working with patients who are also taking conventional medications and are participating in other forms of treatment. The goal is joined-up healthcare; overcoming and accommodating the frequently experienced divide between the conventional and complementary.  
Simon’s love of being a homeopath and learning old and new ways of prescribing is evident in his teaching. He lectures and teaches worldwide and was awarded a Fellowship of the Society of Homeopaths in 2013.  
If you would like a quick chat to understand whether Simon might be able to help you, please telephone    07547 551 411 and expect a return call outside of clinic hours.  To book an appointment with Simon online click on the link below.
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